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23 December 2008 @ 12:41 pm
Credit to patdonline.


» Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes: This band got a lot of attention this year, and rightfully so. Crazy that this is their first album, they already have such a distinguishable sound. 'Beach Boys meets Bob Dylan' is the catchiest comparison I can make with this band — really interesting lyrics, but also fantastic vocal arrangements and harmonies. 'White Winter Hymnal' is probably my favorite track. I recommend 'Ragged Wood' and 'Quiet Houses,' but really the whole album, though.

» Dr. Dog, Fate: I was just turned onto this band recently. I don't know what you'd call them — a little rock and roll, a little pop, a little folk — their own thing, really. And from this album I'd recommend 'The Breeze,' 'The Old Days' and 'Army of Ancients.' One thing I love about this band is the vocal harmonies, and the singer's voice — you just want to believe what he's singing.

» Noah and the Whale, Peaceful: 'The World Lays Me Down,' 'Give a Little Love,' '5 Years Time,' and 'Shape of My Heart' are probably my favorite songs on this album, although the whole thing has a really unique sound. Great fun pop melodies; it's nice to hear a band not be afraid to be catchy.

» The Fireman, Electric Arguments: Paul McCartney has put out a few albums as The Fireman, but this is the first with vocals. The first song floors me ... It's heavy and so impressive [that] he can still sing as well as he does at his age. The second song, 'Two Magpies,' is one of my favorites from the album also ... such a juxtaposition from the first track to this. The production on the album is really deep as well, a lot of really fascinating sounds.

» Phantom Planet, Raise the Dead: We toured with this band earlier this year, and I didn't know much about them before that. I got this album a few weeks before the tour started and was blown away. By far their best album, and very underrated — people need to hear this. 'Quarantine' is excellent, and 'I Don't Mind' might be my favorite song of this year."
05 December 2008 @ 02:14 pm
For the second year in a row Panic! at the Disco has been nominated for a Grammy.
Actually, for the same Grammy they didn't win last year: the Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package category.
It's for the "Pretty. Odd." deluxe edition.

Hopefully this year the stupid fucking interviewers won't boot them out of the box to talk to fucking Hannah Montana.
29 November 2008 @ 04:07 pm
Title: The End of Days.
Author: Me.
Rating: R.
Fandom: Panic.
Characters: Ryan Ross.
Word Count: 717.
Warning: Rape.
Author's Note: Can so easily be read as original fiction. I posted it as original fiction on DeviantArt.
Summary: Ryan is drugged and raped at a party.

his mind held onto that image of the horsemen riding in on the Apocalypse.Collapse )
29 November 2008 @ 04:06 pm
Credit to PATDonline.

From the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine, "My Favourite Shit" feature. Credit: musicaintdead @ LJ

My Favourite Scene In Some Kind Of Monster
"I think I might know every single line of dialogue, and my favourite's one of the deleted scenes, when Lars is upset whilst they're throwing a birthday party for Kirk, and he says, 'I wish some fucker would tell me once in while when I'm supposed to wear a Hawaiian shirt!'. And he felt like he was deliberately left out of things"

My Favourite Annoying Celebrity
"Russell Brand. I hated him, and then I saw him in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I thought he was funny in that, and he made me laugh during the MTV Video Music Awards too, so I do like him now"

My Favourite Thing To Do In The Countryside
"I really like campfires and fishing. I definitely wish I could spend more time doing that kind of stuff. We filmed a video for our Hallowe'en song and we went camping during that, which was fun. I actually never went camping until after I joined this band"

My Favourite Beatles Record
"I always switch, but I'd say Revolver is the one I usually pick. It just has some of my favourite songs, and it 's sort of inspiring to see what that album was and where they began, and as a musician it keeps you wanting to get better and be more creative"

My Favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie
"Kindergarten Cop, because Terminator was too scary for me at the time, and when I was a kid I really wished that situation happened to me. We never did get a teacher like that though."

My Favourite Sports Team
"There's an American Football team called The Bengals, and I don't really keep up with football, but they've always had the ugliest uniforms, the'yre my favourite because I feel bad for them.".
25 November 2008 @ 07:58 pm
You can watch the trailer for the new Panic DVD "Live in Chicago" here.

You can watch the 'Nine in the Afternoon' part of it here.
25 November 2008 @ 01:52 am
I am so fucking sick of hearing about Team Edward and Team Jacob.
Team RyRo will pwn them easily, with your help.
This community is what you make it.
Post whatever you want, as long as it is RyRo related.
Rules, commandments, and reasons Team RyRo is the winning team are all in the profile.

If you join, feel free to leave an intro post.

-Your Mod, Dru